Svetlana Wottschel - Water Bowl

Water Bowl Act Germany

The perfect combination of contortion, hand balance and mesmerising underwater moves
Water bowl acrobat performs beautiful figures and moves in and out of the water
Performer can wear different bodysuits and even a mermaid tail for theme occasions
Ideal entertainment option for festivals, concerts, galas, ceremonies, after dinner shows, etc.
This Water Bowl Act Germany is available for bookings all over the world

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A giant water bowl and a contortion and hand balance performer. That is all it takes to turn your event into a real success. Our sensational mermaid will make sure this becomes a reality by performing a mesmerising Water Bowl Act, a show that is the perfect combination of creativity and impeccable technique.

Our fantastic water bowl acrobat is always happy to share the stage with other artists. She can adjust her routines to requested music and adapt her performance to bigger shows or concerts. Other customisation options include the possibility to wear different bodysuits and (literally) become a water bowl mermaid by wearing a long tail.

A giant water bowl will be the perfect setting for this stunning water bowl act. This glass container filled with water will be the perfect way for this acrobat to let her creativity flow and her talent shine. This skilled acrobat will demonstrate her skills as a contortionist and hand balancer by performing mind-blowing figures in and out of the water.

Our artist can perform this spectacular acrobatic water show with live music or along with other acrobat. Check her Acrobatic Water Bowl Twins page and find out more about this possibility.

The perfect entertainment for s broad range of occasions, our captivating mermaid has entertained audiences at a number of different events. From festivals and concerts to galas and ceremonies, our water bowl acrobat quickly wins the public over with her engetic and vibrant shows. 

Top Tip:

To find out more about this versatile and multiskilled performer, check her Aerial Silks Act, Net Aerial Dancer and Aerial Hoop Dancer pages. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of contortion and hand balance acts for events and occasions in Germany and all over the world.

Enquire about this act for events in Germany and overseas by contacting our in-house team of Entertainment Experts today. They will be more than happy to provide further details on this water bowl acrobat and guide you through the booking process.


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