Aerial Dancer Berlin

Breathtaking Aerial Dancer, famous for her spell-binding acts
Has the grace and panache of a world class ballerina, dancing in the air
A homage to the legendary pilot Amelia Earhart
At breathtaking heights she performs an elegant ballet on the vertical rope
Based in Berlin and available to perform at events worldwide

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Our breathtaking Aerial Dancer is famous for her spell-binding aerial acts.

She is the only aerialist in the world to have performed an act on the subject of aviation, planes and pilots when celebrating the legendary Amelia Earheart, the first woman to ever fly a plane.

Working alongside a renowned British choreographer, our aerial performer developed a new concept and vocabulary of movement, using specially designed equipment. Throughout this famous performance, she combines elegant ballet, danced in mid-air, to embody man and woman’s age-old desire to fly.

This special act also performs a beautiful Vertical Rope Dance and Wire Dance act where she combes skilful acrobatic moves with dance, aerialist skills, strength and unbelievable balance.

Our Aerial Dancer has all the grace and panache of a world class ballerina, dancing in the air.

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