Cirque Mirage - Aerial silks and Hammock

Aerial Performer California

Luxurious and high octane silk aerialists stun guests and create a sophisticated atmosphere at every occasion
A captivating experience that mesmerises guests with graceful aerial routines
Choose from aerial silks or hammock for your event
Fully customisable performances can be created to complement your colour scheme and theme
Based in California and available for worldwide bookings

Aerial Performer California VIDEOS

Aerial Performer California PHOTOS

Become lost in a trance with our luxurious aerial performer from California and watch as our aerialists dance and fly high in the sky effortlessly. With an option of either aerial silks or hammock our circus performers can tailor their performance to suit every occasion. 

Choose your California silk aerialist and watch as she mesmerises your guests with atmospheric performances that are a delight to gaze upon. Offering customisable performances and costumes our silk aerialist can tailor every performance to complement your colour scheme and theme and provide high end event entertainment that will make your special day unforgettable.

With a portable rigging structure, our team can rig to any venue with exposed structural beams or a professionally installed rigging point to make your event stress free and taken care of. 

A stunning performance that is unlike anything you have ever seen before, our aerialists work with each client to create a unique experience for each individual event. Guaranteed to exceed expectations our aerial performers are of the highest calibre and will captivate every person at your event.

Top Tip:

Choose from a four leg rigging structure with 23ft ceiling clearance and a 18ft by 18ft square of level floor space or a tripod rigging system with 20ft ceiling clearance and a 16ft by 16ft equilateral triangle of level floor space.

With multiple rigging structures available you can book simultaneous performances for your event.

To book our Aerial Performer California contact our Entertainment Specialists today or to add more sparkle to your next event visit our Glitter Chandelier Aerialist page.