Duo Damarii - Aerial Silk Duo

Aerial Silks Duo

Gravity defying aerial silk act performed by two sophisticated female aerial dancers
Can adapt routines to different events and create bespoke choreographies for your occasion
Aerial dancers are always happy to share the stage with other artists and performers
Ideal circus entertainment option for events like galas, ceremonies, festivals, weddings, etc.
Based in Wroclaw and available for bookings in Poland and around the world

Aerial Silks Duo VIDEOS

Aerial Silks Duo PHOTOS

Sophisticated and elegant, this Aerial Silks Duo is guaranteed to leave lasting memories at your upcoming big event or celebration. A visually stunning aerial routine executed by two female aerial dancers, this sensational aerial silk act will captivate all sorts of audiences, especially circus lovers.

These female aerial duo has been performing together for years. Our talented aerial silks dancers perform gravity defying choreographies that are truly captivating and unique. Their exquisite elegant moves and perfectly synchronised routine always leave viewers awestruck.

Our female aerial duo’s routines are fully customisable. Our versatile circus artists can create bespoke performances especially for your event and perform to requested music. They can adapt their acts for both indoor and outdoor performances. Our circus performers are always keen to share the stage with other artists, so they can also adapt their choreographies to variety shows and other theatre productions.

Always happy to be challenged, these adventurous aerial silks dancer once executed one of their routines at the top of a waterfall, defying gravity and vertigo. You can see some of the beautiful shots left for prosperity at the top of the page.

This type of circus entertainment option is suitable for a variety of occasions. From gala dinners and ceremonies to festivals and weddings, this aerial performance always makes audiences burst into applause and an ovation from the crowd.

Scarlett Entertainment can offer a wide variety of aerial silk acts for events and occasions in Poland and all around the world.

Would you like to book this Aerial Silks Duo? Then don’t wait anymore and contact us right away. Ask to speak to one of our Entertainment Coordinators and ask for advice and guidance. They will be more than happy to provide further information about these aerial silks dancers and assist you in the booking process.