Alevtyna Dobina

Female Pianist Vienna

Extremely talented young instrumental female pianist
Classically trained at acclaimed conservatories in the Ukraine
Winner of many international musical competitions
Has performed at events of all types around the world
Based in Vienna, Austria, and available for international events

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Originally from Kiev in Ukraine, our utterly brilliant Female Pianist Vienna is guaranteed to delight your guests with her impeccable piano playing. Her background in classical music and elegant style makes her the perfect choice for those very special VIP events, luxurious dinner parties and to create a wonderful ambience at intimate events. 

Performing on baby or grand pianos, our Female Pianist Vienna plays a diverse range of classical music and concertos either from sheet music or from her own personal repertoire. The incredibly adept piano player is able to create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere with her astonishing talent. Booked as a background music entertainer, she will not fail to be noticed by the guests for her impressive abilities. 

This female pianist is one of the most talented young artists to come from Ukraine and now studies in Austria. The expertly educated piano player has a rich background in classical music and received top end training at some of the most acclaimed conservatories in Ukraine. These include the Kiev State Conservatory, St. Petersburg Comprehensive and the National Musical Academy of Ukraine. The piano player has been award the exclusive title of Scholar of President by the President of Ukraine for her achievements in music and contribution to culture as well as the title of Pride of Kiev by the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The talented female piano player has taken part and won multiple international musical competitions in Moscow, Italy, USA, Paris, Croatia and many other countries. A notable achievement also includes being the youngest artist at the 4th International Festival "Moscow meets friends" performing Mozart's Concert for piano with the Moscow Chamber Orchestra.

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