Matrimoni Sicilia Lantern Release

Flying Lantern Display

Incredible visual spectacle will make your event unforgettable
Light up the sky with a beautiful flying lantern display
Unique interactive entertainment that directly involves your guests
Ideal for weddings, parties, corporate functions, festivals, & more
Based in Sicily and available to perform at events worldwide

Flying Lantern Display VIDEOS

Flying Lantern Display PHOTOS

Unique and incredibly charming, create lasting memories at your special occasion with our fantastic flying lantern service, allowing you to light up the sky at your event and create a one of a kind show.

A fascinating entertainment option, our wonderful flying lantern display gives each of your guests the opportunity to directly participate by releasing the lanterns, making a beautiful light show in the skies above.

A truly original and magical experience that will stay with your guests forever, our flying lanterns are guaranteed to make your event stand out above the rest. Ideal for weddings, parties, corporate functions, festivals and more, enquire today about bringing our incredible flying lanterns to your event.