Haka Dancers USA

Haka Dancers USA

Our Haka dancers USA bring the ancient Māori traditions from New Zealand to the US
An iconic dance that was originally performed by warriors before battle our Haka performers capture the history of this remarkable dance
Guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone in the room these Las Vegas Haka dancers boast an atmospheric performance
Traditional New Zealand dancers are perfect for corporate events, award ceremonies, welcoming distinguished guests and much more
Based in Las Vegas and available for worldwide bookings

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Our Haka dancers USA offer an atmospheric performance that embodies ancient Māori traditions in one thrilling routine. Dressed in authentic attire, these Las Vegas Haka dancers bring the essence of New Zealand to the States and provide a cultural performance that will capture the attention of everyone in the room.

A traditional war cry, dance and challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand, this posture dance is performed by a group of dancers with vigorous movements, stomping feet and animated facial expressions.

With shouting and chanting Māori warriors would perform the Haka before battle in order to strike fear into their enemies and intimidate their opposition. Since then the Haka still remains at the root of Māori culture with New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team being renowned for performing the Haka before a big game.

The Haka is not only performed in war and in sporting events, it is a tradition that is performed for a variety of different reasons from welcoming distinguished guests to acknowledging great achievements, weddings, funerals and special occasions. Kapa Haka performance groups are very common in schools and are used as a way of identity for New Zealanders and Māori people.

With such a rich history, the Haka is unlike any other ritual or performance and is well known for it’s Māori and New Zealand roots. Our Haka dancers USA are perfect for any occasion that wants to celebrate ancient history, New Zealand or any occasion that desires a cultural performance that is not only empowering to watch but which also provides a lesson in history for guests. 

Our traditional New Zealand dancers may be located in Las Vegas, but their remarkable performance will transport you to their homeland of New Zealand.

Top Tip:
Book our Haka performers for awards ceremonies, corporate events, world themed occasions and to welcome distinguished guests to your country and/or event.

To hire our Haka dancers USA or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today


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