Bernadett Nyari - Violinist

Hungarian Violinist

Highly talented female violinist stuns audiences and guests with breath taking music
A Hungarian violinist with a wealth of knowledge and experience has been playing violin since the age of six
A string instrument musician who has performed all over the world and has headlined events in some of the greatest concert halls in Europe
Can perform a variety of genres on her violin to create dynamic and versatile act
Based in Hungary and available for worldwide bookings

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An outstanding Hungarian violinist who has perfect the string instrument of the violin WOWs audiences worldwide with her phenomenal talents. Our female violinist has been performing classical music from the mere age of six and since then has gone on to train under one of the most prestigious violinists, Silvia Marocivi.

Renowned for her thoroughly entertaining violin performances our Hungarian violinist is every bit the performer as she plays stunning string music. A musician who worked under Romanian violin master Silvia Marocivi was moulded to fit an exquisite and elite style and appreciation of classical music, which is evident in her performances today.

In order to perfect and master her violin skills our musician attended eight years of formal training at the prestigious Bela Bartok Music Conservatory in Budapest, Leo Weiner Conservatory of Budapest and with the Music University of Graz in Austria.

As our violinist’s career progressed she went on to perform as a feature and as a headlining violinist in the concert halls of Europe, at music festivals and has even performed for Heads of State. Having travelled all over the world performing her brilliant music, our Hungarian violinist has performed in over fifty cities worldwide!

With an undying love for classical music and performing, our sting instrument musician is guaranteed to impress guests from all over and can adapt her music to suit the tone of the event/occasion/party to ensure breath taking music is performed throughout the entire event from start to finish. 

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