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International Shadow Show

An inspirational, awe-inspiring and emotive shadow theatre show
Visits most iconic landmarks from around the world to create a mesmerising shadow show story
Underlying theme of collaboration is perfect for corporate events
Shadow story can be customised and additional options added
Book our international shadow show for events in London and worldwide

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International Shadow Show PHOTOS

This is an inspirational and emotive shadow theatre show performed to an uplifting sound track.

Audiences will be left awe-inspired as they journey around the world visiting all its wonders and most iconic landmarks alongside the shadow story’s main character. Each place, from the sizzling deserts and amazing skylines of the Middle East, to the elaborate architecture of Europe, to the Great Wall of China and its ancient history, to America and beyond, is beautifully brought to life with vibrant colours and fantastic shadow formations.

As our protagonist visits each spectacular landmark he is met by the local people who all agree to become part of his exciting plan, which is only revealed at the end of the shadow story. In the grand finale, all the people from each country come together to create a stunning acrobatic tableau of visuals, which culminates in the word ‘UNITE’ - a poignant image with an important message that will resonate with audiences.

There are several customisable options available in order to personalise this shadow act for your event. Our fantastic shadow dancers can create a different word of your choice, instead of ‘UNITE’ at the end of the show to fit in with your event’s specific theme. They can also include your country if it is not already featured and incorporate a company product or logo. More complex graphics can also be added to the start and finish of the show, please contact our entertainment coordinators for more information on this.

Perfectly choreographed and performed by professional acrobatic dancers, this is a high quality shadow show that pays close attention to detail and offers up a beautiful visual representation of the world whilst remaining sensitive and respectful in how they project each country included.

Perfect for events with the theme of teamwork, collaboration, peace and partnership, book our shadow theatre show for corporate events in London and the world, as well as cultural events, product launches and conferences. Experienced performers, this group of shadow artists have also put together various other shadow shows including one of our all time favourites, the Evolve Shadow Show.