Shinobizero Ninja and Samurai Show

Japanese Ninja Stunt Show

Looking for something different for your event? This show teaches audiences about Japanese history whilst providing hair raising stunt entertainment
Our Japanese performers offer a variety of amazing packages inc. a Ninja Action Show, Ninja Action Trial and Ninja Photo Opportunity
Clients can book everything from a duo to a whole troupe of ninjas to perform this amazing cultural production
Previous clients to have hired this stunt entertainment inc. Shinkawa Festival, Mr.Max Shopping Mall and Yokohama Red Brick Cultural Festival
Book Japanese Ninja Stunt Show for events in Japan and internationally

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Scarlett Entertainment is a worldwide booking agency, specialising in the best entertainment acts from all over the globe. Whether you are looking for an exciting cultural production or an interactive workshop, we can supply the ideal act to fulfil your specifications. Unlike any other act on our roster, Japanese Ninja Stunt Show is the ultimate entertainment option for lovers of Japanese culture or even those who just enjoy a good ninja fight scene.

Taking audiences on an educational journey through one of Japan’s oldest cultural art forms, our Japanese performers will get everyone’s adrenaline flowing when they go in for the kill. One of the most thrilling Japanese traditional entertainment options on the market, this ninja show is every bit as nail biting as you would expect. Stunt entertainment with a difference, get your sword at the ready.

Once the secret agent of feudal Japan, today ninjas are the stuff of legends, celebrated for their stealth, strength and superb fighting skills. Adopted as a cult symbol of historical Japan by the USA and Europe, ninja shows are one of the most highly sought after Japanese traditional entertainment options for events.

A unique and dramatic cultural production, ninja shows never fail to captivate audiences.

Stunt entertainment show options:

  • 15 minute ninja action show
  • 20 minute ninja action trial show
  • 10 minute Photo opportunity

Able to customise their entertainment to suit the requirements of your specific event, our Japanese performers are happy to work with you to create the perfect show for your special occasion. Having worked at numerous high profile events like Yokohama Red Brick Cultural Festival and Shinkawa Festival, as well as performing on television and in films, our professionally trained ninja team are dedicated to stealthily creating captivating entertainment.

Also able to offer workshops to help you realise your dreams of becoming a real life ninja, all of the weapons used by our performers are replicas meaning that guests of any age can have a go without chaos ensuing.

To learn more about booking Japanese Ninja Stunt Show for your occasion, contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

  • Yokosuka Navy Base Elementary School
  • Enoshima Beach Stage
  • Shinkawa Festival
  • Intrnational Preschool Christmas Event
  • Mr.Max Shopping Mall
  • Arilo Shoppin Mall
  • Kamakura Beach House
  • Nakano Kindergarten Festival
  • TV Dramas
  • Yokohama Red Brick Cultural Festival

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