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Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer - Medieval Music

Medieval Duo

Fantastic medieval band will delight audiences with their authentic historical music
Medieval duo creates an enchanting and lively sound using a range of traditional instruments
Brilliant folk duo perfect for roaming performances or teaching your guests a traditional medieval dance
Leading medieval folk experts with a past client list including National Trust, English Heritage and IKEA
Amazing medieval entertainment available for events around the UK

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Book our fantastic medieval band and transport your guests back in time with their fabulous traditional music. Our medieval duo is masters of a huge selection of historical instruments and their lively folk music creates a unique and fun atmosphere at events. Our folk duo looks the part in their authentic medieval attire and with their range of songs, dances and performances they are sure to amaze and entertain any audience. Our medieval folk act make for excellent walkabout entertainment at all kinds of events and their flexibility makes them able to cater to any event needs. For the ultimate in medieval entertainment this talented duo are the perfect choice. 

Our medieval duo are leading experts on historical music and are passionate about bringing authentic and exciting medieval entertainment to audiences around the UK. Their musical performances are great for all kinds of events from historical themed festivals and parties to weddings, grand openings, parades and much more. With their fabulous costumes and range of medieval instruments including the keyed fiddle, cow horn, bagpipes and willow flute our medieval band create an enchanting and lively sound that guests at any event will love.

Our folk duo makes a great meet and greet or roaming musical performance for large events, where there beautiful music will really add to the ambience of your event. This expert duo is equally comfortable taking centre stage and leading audiences in a traditional medieval folk dance for a fun end to the evening. This talented duo are masters of a whole range of period music including Victorian and traditional Swedish music, making them a great choice for a range of event themes.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a great selection of medieval and historical music and entertainment for events worldwide.

Contact our specialist team to find out more.


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