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Online Cocktail Masterclass

Our Online Cocktail Masterclass will have your guests mixing delicious drinks like a pro all from the comfort of their own kitchen!
Available as a live-stream or prerecorded video with simple to follow instructions this activity is totally adaptable to your online event needs
Cocktails can be customised to compliment your event theme, corporate colours or celebrate a festive event
Our masterclass provider can arrange for all ingredients and equipment to be delivered straight to your guest's door, they'll just need to add ice!
Further, personalise this experience by adding your logo to the delivery box or even including themed decorations for each cocktail!

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1. How does it work?

This masterclass is typically provided as an interactive, live-streamed experience over Zoom or an alternative video conferencing platform, using one high-quality camera.

2. How long is each session?

This is completely adaptable to your event requirements and mostly depends on how many cocktails you would like to make. 20 minutes is adequate time to make one cocktail for a toast between remote teams, however, for a full, interactive experience we recommend 3 cocktails to be made in an hours session.

3. How many people can take part?

There is no minimum or maximum number of participants as this class works wonderfully with large and small groups. However, the amount of interaction the host can have with individual guests will naturally be impacted by how many guests are taking part

4. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?

All guests will need is a stable wifi connection, access to a device to watch the class on and ice! Everything else (ingredients, equipment and even decorations for the cocktails) can be provided by our Masterclass host to guests within the EU and will be shipped straight to your online attendees front door

5. How can this experience be customised?

There are lots of ways to customise this experience! The cocktails can be themed to your corporate colours, event theme or for a festive event, we can customise what's included in the cocktail box and add fun additions like aprons and cocktail shakers and we can even brand the boxes with your logo. Just let us know what you would be interested in and we can incorporate this into the quotation.

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