Rach Green - Virtual Cocktail Workshop

Online Custom Cocktail Class

Highly interactive and completely customisable these virtual classes provide a fun online environment to reconnect with friends and family
With over a decade of experience in the drinks industry, our host covers techniques such as how to juice, shake, stir and measure like a pro!
Choose from a variety of cocktails or themes for your online class or have our host customise the workshop to compliment your virtual event!
Workshops can be provided with a cocktail box including all the ingredients guests need to create the delicious cocktails
Streaming from a 4K camera and with a gorgeous bar set-up, this class brings a high-end cocktail bar experience into your own home

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1. What can I expect from this cocktail class?

This is typically provided as a live-stream experience over Zoom, or an alternative video conferencing platform. Although, our host is happy to provide a pre-recorded session if preferred. Our host will cover different techniques needed to make cocktails such as how to juice citrus properly, shake, stir and measure like a professional bartender, all the while engaging the audience and getting people involved in the process and mixing their own drinks! At the end of each presentation, our host asks guests to hold up their glass and take part in a virtual“cheers” before they enjoy the drinks during the Q&A session that ends the class.

2. How can this experience be customised?

This workshop is highly customisable our host can create custom cocktails, names and recipe cards for the experience or do themed events such a tiki, holidays, birthdays, prohibition, etc.

3. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?

Guests will need a device to watch the workshop on, strong wifi connection and ingredients to mix the cocktails. We can either issue a shopping list of ingredients for the guests to purchase or our host can arrange for ingredients to be shipped straight to guests front door!

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