Fire Desire - Red Carpet Dress Violinist

Red Carpet Violinist

Beautiful violin hostess in red dress on red carpet welcomes guests in style and luxury
Talented violinist is a glamorous welcoming act that really impresses guests
Versatile and adaptable performance can be tailored to your needs with different music styles
Perfect welcoming act for special events, glamorous occasions, red themed or red carpet events
Based in South Africa and available for booking worldwide

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Red Carpet Violinist PHOTOS

If you would like to make an impression and set a prestigious tone to your event then look no further than this glamorous violin hostess as your welcoming act.

Standing tall and proud at a height of 2.2 metres on an elevated platform, our beautiful and talented violinist comes elegantly dressed in a stunning exclusively tailored red dress which cascades the length of her body and the podium. The red dress then extends into a rich red carpet that stretches up to 20 metres giving your guests that complete VIP experience.

Our violin hostess is ideally located at the entrance to your event venue and equally well suited to a main corridor or staircase in a grand house or building. The violinist really does make for the perfect dramatic entrance and fantastic welcoming act for special events. To carry on the magical experience the violinist can step down from the podium and act as roaming entertainment, playing songs as she moves through the crowd.

With years of experience, the professional and classically trained violin hostess will enchant one and all with her haunting melodies, playful notes and mesmerising harmonies. Our violinist can perform a variety of styles and will help you chose the perfect soundtrack to greet your guests. All you have to do is decide on the genre of music that you would prefer.

With grace, luxury and extravagance the violin hostess will bring a wonderful atmosphere and be a memorable welcoming act for a whole range of events including gala dinners, corporate events, weddings, drinks receptions and obviously, red carpet events. This performance is suitable for many types of special events or event themes and will welcome guests red carpet style.

Altogether this is a memorable and elegant experience not to be missed. To book our violin hostess for your red carpet style event get in contact with our team of entertainment specialists.


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