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Swedish Band

Brilliant Swedish band bring the traditional music of Sweden to events and parties
Learn drinking songs and fantastic traditional dances with this lively and authentic folk band
Swedish folk band with authentic costumes and a range of great folk instruments including nyckelharpa, accordion and cow horn
Swedish folk show immerses you in the wonderful world of Nordic fairy tales and music
Fantastic folk duo available for shows and events throughout the UK

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Bring the traditional music of Sweden to life at your event with our wonderful Swedish band. This authentic and dynamic Swedish folk band is perfect for giving your guests a charming and vibrant performance using a range of traditional instruments. Our folk duo are the UK’s leading experts on Swedish culture and music and can lead you through a range of delightful traditional dances, drinking songs and marches in a fun and interactive performance that will have everyone in the mood to dance. For an extra treat our duo can deliver a fantastic Swedish folk show featuring live music and dance as well as traditional tales and stories to immerse you in the rich and magical Nordic culture. Book this fabulous folk band for a unique and captivating performance that any audience will love.

Our traditional Swedish folk band is perfect for entertaining guests with a lively and melodious music style unlike anything they’ve heard before. Our Swedish band look the part in their traditional Swedish attire and their great range of traditional instruments includes the nyckelharpa, Swedish bagpipes, guitar, accordion and cow horn. Their lively performances including a great selection of traditional tunes, drinking songs and fun dances to get the whole audience involved.

Our brilliant Swedish folk show is a great way to experience the fascinating and enchanting world of Swedish folklore and music Our highly entertaining folk duo put on a fantastic performance full of beautiful music and brilliant fairy tales full of heroes, magic and wonder. Our folk band can perform with extra musicians for a power powerful sound, and have amazed audiences at private weddings and parties up and down the country as well as regularly performing for IKEA events and promotional campaigns.

Scarlett Entertainment features a great selection of folk bands for performances around the world. Contact our entertainment experts to find out more about booking one of our fantastic acts.

  • IKEA Product Launch London
  • IKEA kräftskiva
  • Private Weddings
  • IKEA Lucia

" We had the most amazing day of our lives - everything was just perfect and that includes you and Jonny. All the recordings and videos we had seen of you did not do you justice - we were blown away by your skill and good vibes, it's just such a shame it all went so quickly for us! [The venue], you and that awesome weather were a match made in Heaven! "


" Vicki is a great musician and thoroughly charming to deal with. Not afraid of work - in fact she loves it! Highly recommended, especially if you want Swedish folk music. "



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