NC Steel Drum Entertainment

Trinidad and Tobago Steel Drums

Wonderful steel band brings the joy of the Caribbean to any event
Diverse rage of covers with a Caribbean music twist
Have performed in Australia, USA, Japan, and South Korea
Ideal for parties, theme parks, corporate functions, themed events and much more
Based in Trinidad and Tobago and available internationally

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You can bring the sweet sounds of Caribbean music performed on traditional steel drums to your event with our fabulous steel band.

With the warm climates and sunshine of Trinidad and Tobago infusing their live music, our steel band offer a fantastic range of popular covers and well known songs with a feisty Caribbean music twist. It lively and fun event entertainment that has mass appeal. As you can see in the second video, these seasoned musicians are amazing crowd pleasers and natural-born entertainers. They have a natural flair for entertaining an audience and therefor are the perfect event entertainment for family friendly events.

Our performers have portable steel drums with no need for amplification which means they can are highly suited to to providing roaming live music. Alternatively, they can provide a more fixed event entertainment with the fixed steel drums. Again, no amplification is needed but this set up gives them an opportunity to pull in a crowd and get involved with members of the audience.

The wonderful and friendly musicians of the steel band can’t wait to bring their Caribbean music vibes to your event. They are super versatile and happy to customise their performance for you. They come with a variety of colourful costumes that bring the island charm. They will of course be willing to wear costumes of your choice.

Our steel band features some of the finest musicians in the Caribbean who have extensive experience working for some of the world’s top resorts, hotels, cruise ships and theme parks. There are currently fifteen musicians available and many of them play more than one instrument therefor can be used in various combinations depending on the client needs and, of course it means double bookings are not an issue.

To book some fantastic some brilliant Caribbean music as your event entertainment, contact us today.

  • Big People Party (Farmer Nappy)
  • Call Me Al (Paul Simon)
  • Cocomo (Beach Boys )
  • Dancing Queen (Abba)
  • Deputy Essential (Penguin)
  • Dingolay (The Shadow)
  • For the love of you (Isley Brothers)
  • Get Something And Wave (Super Blue)
  • Hey Jude (Beatles)
  • Hot Hot Hot (The Mighty Arrow)
  • Bachannalist (Kerwin Du Bois )
  • Marajin (The Mighty Sparrow)
  • No Woman No Cry (Bob Marley)
  • Oblada de Oblada da (Beatles)
  • Pan in A Minor (Lord Kitchener)
  • Red Red Wine (U B 40)
  • Somebody (The Baron)
  • Suck Meh Succuyant (Crazy)
  • The Harder They Come ( Jimmy Cliff )
  • Woman (John Lennon)
  • Woman on de bass ( Scrunter)
  • Yesterday (The Beatles)
  • Imagine (John Lennon)
  • Hong Kong Convention Centre
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Princess Cruise Lines
  • Dollywood Theme Park USA
  • Huis Ten Bosch Japan
  • Ocean Dome Amusement Park Japan
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Everland Theme Park South Korea

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