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Virtual British Honey Tasting

An interactive and educational virtual honey tasting experience where your guests will enjoy tasting up to 5 different British honey's!
Guests will be guided through the history of honey, how it goes from the bees to the jar and how to correctly taste honey.
Packs will be sent out to guests prior to the virtual event including pots of honey, tasting spoons a tasting guide and some secret packages!
The host will also treat the guests to some honey baking and cooking recipes to try at home
The ideal virtual tasting masterclass for virtual corporate events and online teambuilding zoom events

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1. What can I expect from the virtual honey tasting class?

Expect to enjoy an interactive and informative virtual British honey tasting event where your host will talk guests through exactly what is in their boxes, provide a brief history of the honey, how to taste them correctly and the process of production from bee to jar!

2. Where can the packages be delivered?

For now, our team can only post the honey packages to the UK but are working on worldwide delivery options. 

3. What is included in the honey tasting packages?

The packages will contain 5 secret honey taster jars of the finest British honey with spoons, two sachets of hive products, individual recipe cards, a tasting guide and a honey scorecard with a pen. The team can also add in some crackers if requested. 

The honey will all be British honey sourced from the teams own beehives or from their partner beekeepers. 

4. Is there a preferred platform?

Yes, the preferred platform is zoom but our team are happy to discuss alternatives if required.

5. What is the lead time?

The lead time to send out packages varies between 1 - 2 weeks depending on location.

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