Mingmei Yip - Virtual Chinese Zither

Virtual Qin Player

Traditional Chinese musician plays the guqin, also called qin, which is a traditional Chinese seven-stringed zither that creates a unique sound
Legend has it that the qin dates back a staggering 5,000 years, which is why the qin is one of the most revered traditional Chinese instruments
Our multi-talented musician has mastered over 50 songs and can play the qin while singing or reciting traditional Chinese poems
Exceptional musician and educator has performed exclusive virtual concerts for the Cleveland Museum of Art and international audiences
Online qin performances are perfect for virtual Chinese New Year parties, corporate virtual events and other online celebrations

Virtual Qin Player PHOTOS

Virtual FAQs

1. Are virtual qin performances live or pre-recorded?

Our Virtual Qin Player can live-stream her performance or pre-record it for your convenience.

2. How long is the performance?

Approximately, 15-30 minutes depending on your virtual event schedule. 

3. Is your artist multi-lingual?

Yes! Our artist can speak English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) and French.

4. Why book a virtual Chinese zither player?

Hire a Virtual Qin Player to set the tone at your virtual Chinese New Year party or online cultural event and subtly introduce online guests to the Chinese theme. Our multi-talent musician can also host a virtual Chinese calligraphy workshop and an online storytelling workshop for children for a truly magical and cultural online experience.



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