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Brazilian Drumming Show

Mixing percussion and dance, this high energy drumming troupe bring a flavour of Brazil to their live shows
Featuring 9 talented percussionists, this Brazilian band create a vibrant atmosphere wherever they roam
Specialising in a form of samba known as batacuda, our drummers can parade through your event, providing pumping sounds and party rhythms
Book this Brazilian entertainment group for street fairs, festivals, corporate events and more
Hire Brazilian Drumming Show for events in France and worldwide

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Uniting percussion and dance in one amazing performance, this Brazilian Drumming Show features a skilful drumming troupe, bringing to life the energy and passion of traditional Brazilian entertainment. Performing a drum style known as batacuda, the percussionists in our Brazilian band love to see guests getting into the party spirit and dancing like they’re at the Rio Carnival. Available to book from award winning agency Scarlett Entertainment, this France based act is in high demand to entertain at events throughout Europe and across the globe. 

A sub-style of samba performed by a drumming troupe known as a bateria, batacuda is recognised by its frenetic rhythms and lively style. Featuring a variety of Brazilian drums, all creating different layers of sounds, the batacuda percussionists in our Brazilian band are all expert performers. Dedicated to providing energetic live entertainment, our talented drummers bring to life the sounds of South America with their repetitive beats and synchronised movements. 

Creating the sort of dynamic music that brings the Rio Carnival to life, our batacuda band can perform full stage shows, mix and mingle entertainment or fun moving processions. Ideally suited to street fairs, festivals, themed parties and corporate events, our drumming band brings sunshine and smiles to any venue. Able to perform both indoors and outdoors, you can hire up to 9 amazing percussionists in this vibrant batacuda show. Wearing matching costumes and performing with incredible unity, our drummers love interacting with audiences as they play. 

Also able to be hired alongside other traditional Brazilian entertainment artists like capoeira dancers, Bossa Nova bands and glittering carnival performers, our Brazilian Drumming Show will take your guests on a whirl wind tour through the amazing rhythms of sunny Brasilia.

To learn more about booking this act, do not hesitate to contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment today.

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