Cindy Zou - Chinese Dough Modelling

Chinese Dough Modelling

Entertain your guests with the traditional Chinese folk art of dough modelling
Skilful Dough artists can create custom figurines and sculptures
Popular street art for tourists and interactive children’s entertainment
Suitable for private parties, shopping malls, cultural events and celebrations
Available all over China

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If you would like to impress your guests with something traditional like Chinese folk art, dough modelling is a simple, colourful and fascinating attraction.

Dough modelling is a traditional Chinese folk art using sticky rice powder blended with different colours. Our dough artists use their hands and simple small tools to create little life like figurines and sculptures. The finished result is very durable. It will not crack or distort and the colour will not fade over time.

A great addition to your event, the dough artists are able to create all manner of figures from flowers right through to lifelike caricatures. There are amazing and colourful traditional models based on 12 animals of the zodiac. The talented dough artists will create custom sculptures and figurines tailored to the customers need too. From recreating family members at a wedding to recreating products at a brand launch.

This type of traditional Chinese folk art is very popular with tourists who can bring home something authentic. It is a form of street art that has been active for generations but only recently recognised as folk art. This traditional street art is suitable for private parties, weddings, shopping malls, cultural events and occasions. Equally well suited for school fetes or as interactive children’s entertainment as the dough artists can hold workshop to teach kids this old tradition. 

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