MarciSax - Swarovski Saxophonist

Dubai Swarovski Saxophonist

The Swarovski Saxophonist adds glamour to any special occasion
The only musician in Dubai with a luxurious instrument like this
Perfect for VIP lounges, yacht parties, gala dinners, private functions and more
Available solo or in multiple function bands and duos
Book for events in Dubai and throughout the UAE

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Nothing says luxury more than diamonds and nothing could be more elegant than a talented saxophonist with a diamond encrusted saxophone. This freelance sax player is exactly this. He has a truly stunning instrument with hundreds of Swarovski crystals that glisten under different lights. This is the one and only musician in Dubai with a beautiful instrument like this.

Our Dubai Swarovski Saxophonist creates a luxury music experience, whatever the occasion. His visually striking instrument immediately creates a sense of glamour and this makes him the perfect musician in Dubai for high-end parties and very special events. The professional freelance sax player has a wireless microphone enabling him to roam around and serenade your guests. The Swarovski Saxophonist also has a stylish range of classy outfits. 

The Dubai Swarovski Saxophonist is a prolific musician who regularly performs at all the top spots in and around Dubai. He is an extremely versatile performer who easily performs alongside other musicians and can be booked in a jazz band, as a violin and sax duo, jazz pop duo and multiple functions bands. The freelance sax player regularly plays parties and clubs with DJs and specialises in a range of deep tech, lounge, nudisco, and commercial house music. 

This unique musician in Dubai creates a visual luxury music experience and is perfect for weddings, gala dinners, yacht parties as well as events in VIP lounges and nightclubs. 

If our Dubai Swarovski Saxophonist's luxury music entertainment sounds perfect for your event, contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment. 

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