Eternal Taal - Dhol Drummers

Female Dhol Players

The only West Midlands’ all-female percussion troupe offering a traditional drum show
The perfect Indian drummers to accompany newlyweds during their traditional Indian weddings
Can be joined by Bhnagra dancers for some of their performances if required
Have performed at the House of Commons, Birmingham’s Opening of Britain’s Got Talent, the Graham Norton show, etc.
Our Female Dhol Drummers are based in Birmingham and available for worldwide bookings

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Bring the rhythms of India to your upcoming event, festival or wedding by booking these Female Dhol Players, the only all-female percussion troupe in the West Midlands. Our talented female percussionists play the dhol, a traditional double-headed drum that is becoming popular around the world. 

Whatever the occasion, our female percussion troupe is guaranteed to leave unforgettable memories. A group of up to 15 traditional Indian drummers can be booked for events in Birmingham, where they are based, and all around the UK and the world. 

Especially suitable for weddings, private parties, festivals, charity events, gala dinners, exhibitions, trade fairs and opening ceremonies, our female dhol drummers can fit into a wider range of occasions. 

They can be the perfect addition to Indian weddings, where they can offer a full day service. Our female percussion troupe can start they day performing at the groom’s house when he’s getting ready in the morning. Then, they can accompany him on his way to the temple where the wedding will take place. After this, they can walk both the groom and the bride into the hall if required. During the drinks reception, they can offer a full stage performance. To close the day as tradition demands, our female dhol drummers can introduce the jaggo and accompany the newlyweds to the bride’s house.

Our talented female percussionists have also delighted audiences to the rhythms of their beating drums at other types of events. They have performed at famous festivals like Glastonbury and Belfast Holi; they have also played at the House of Commons, at Birmingham’s opening of Britain’s Got Talent and the Graham Norton show, to name a few.

Top Tip:
Our traditional Inidian drummers are the only all-female dhol troupe in the west midlands. They can also offer Bhangra dancers for any special occasion.

To book these Female Dhol Players, contact our in-house team of entertainment experts and ask for further details in this act. They will be glad to help and answer all your questions.

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