Planet Jump Rope

Jump Rope Jacks

Double Dutch style Jump Rope dance troupe
Performing choreographed tricks and dance moves
Previous clients include Formula 1, BBC, Red Bull and more
Performed in over 30 countries worldwide
Based in Belgium and available to perform worldwide

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This breathtaking show combines high energy dance, amazing physical feats and great sounding music for that guaranteed WOW factor.

Jump Rope Jacks use skipping ropes in a ‘Double Dutch’ style, whilst performing perfectly choreographed tricks and dance moves in a slick and stylish show that will entertain and enthral guests.

This act has an impressive resume having starred in music videos, commercials and on numerous television channels around the world.  Jump Rope Jacks’ previous clients include big names like Formula 1, Sony-Eriksson, Mazda, the BBC and RedBull.  This troupe of professional skip rope artists have performed in over 30 countries worldwide.

Jump Rope Jacks’ can cater their act depending on client requirements to include specific themes or staging.  Their repertoire includes a standard show, street show, boogie show, party show, girls show or a large 20 minute production incorporating all the best styles and dance moves.

Based in Belgium, available for international events.

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