La Finesse - Pirate Strings

Pirate Medley String Quartet

A pirate tribute show performed by a group of four talented string musicians
These four string players perform choreographed dances while playing
The ideal entertainment option for theme parties, gala dinners and Halloween celebrations
Helaba, VR-Bank and Commerzbank among happy clients
Based in Germany and available for international performances

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Dazzle audience at your upcoming event with this dynamic Pirate Medley String Quartet. This group of talented string musicians dressed in pirate costumes will prove to those listening why pirates are the best at having fun! Their choreographed dances and acted set pieces add another element to their high quality musical performance. This pirates tribute show includes the most famous songs of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, which will make everybody but especially Disney film fans will enjoy it to the fullest.

Talent and an original staging comes together on stage with this all-female musical group. The energy released by our four string players is transmitted and felt by the audience, who usually accompany the ladies with hand clapping. Our Pirate Medley String Quartet perfectly reflects the comradeship and cheerfulness that pirates are known for.

Their good humor and the nice environment our talented string musicians create on stage is highly contagious. Even demanding audiences will not be able to help themselves and will get up form their seats and dance at some point!

This vibrant pirates tribute show is what you have been looking for to entertain guests at your upcoming award ceremony, gala dinner or pirate themed party. Needless to say, it can also be the perfect fit for any Halloween celebration or costume party!

A full live orchestra can accompany the two violins, the viola and the cello played by our four string players. This option is especially demanded by events requiring a more dynamic staging and a more complete musical ensemble.

Our talented string musicians have already taken their pirates tribute show to different countries around Europe including Spain, France and Belgium, to name a few.

You can also visit our James Bond String Quartet, Sci-Fi String Quartet or Western String Quartet pages to check more options regarding soundtracks and tribute shows.

Contact us today and enquire about this phenomenal pirates tribute show. Our in-house team of entertainment specialists will guide you through the booking process.

  • BASF – Munster
  • Commerzbank – Frankfurt
  • Helaba – Paris
  • Porsche – Jameos del Agua, Lanzarote,
  • Red Dot Award - Berlin
  • Terex – Mannheimer Schloss
  • Tupperware – Semperopet, Dresden
  • Bilifinger Power Systems – Genk, Belgium
  • Helaba – Main Tower Frankfurt
  • Neujahrsempfang Bundesjustiz-ministerium- Berlin
  • Provinzial – Munster
  • Staatsempfang – Residenz Munchen
  • Total – Schlob Schwetzingen
  • VR-Bank – Residenz Wurzburg

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