Improvviso Quartet

Traditional Italian Quartet

One guitarist, a mandola player and two mandolinists delight listeners with traditional Italian music
Repertoire includes instrumental versions of Italian classics such as ‘Maritime Suite’ by A. and ‘Rumba’ by D. Kreidler
Have captivated international audiences in Spain, France, Switzerland and the US, to name a few
Perfect live music entertainment for wedding ceremonies, drinks receptions, cocktail lounges and any other social gatherings
This Traditional Italian Quartet is available for international bookings

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Are you looking for the perfect live music entertainment for your wedding or social gathering in Italy? If traditional Italian music is what you have in mind, then look no further. This Traditional Italian Quartet will delight guests at your party with the beautiful and soft melodies of Italy.

This experienced group of string musicians has both academic and professional experience. They play the guitar, the mandolin and the mandola, stringed musical instruments of Italian tradition.

Their repertoire includes various traditional Italian music classics such as ‘Maritime Suite’ by A. Amadei, ‘Napes’, by E. Mezzacapo and Rumba by D. Kreidler, to name a few. Other songs include ‘Drifting’ by A.Bersano, ‘El Matador’ by Bracco, ‘Serenace for Rovene’ by N. Paganini, etc. Fully customisable, their set list can be adapted to suit your specific requirmenets.

Our Italian music quartet has delighted audiences at numerous festivals and competitions in Italy and their region. They have also had the privilege to introduce international audiences to traditional Italian music. Some of the countries they have visited include Spain, France, the US and Switzerland, where our guitarist, mandolinists and mandola player were widely applauded.

Suitable for a wide range of celebrations, our Italian music quartet regularly performs live instrumental music at wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions, restaurants and cocktail lounges. They can also perform at corporate events, private parties or any other social gathering. Whatever the occasion, they are guaranteed to provide your guests with a truly unique musical experience.

Top Tip:

Also available as a trio, our mandolinists and guitar player can also perform ceremony or background music at your special occasion.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of live music entertainment options for events in Italy and all over the world.

To book this Traditional Italian Quartet, get in touch with our in-house team of Entertainment Experts today and make an enquiry. They will be more than happy to provide further details on this live instrumental music option and guide you through the booking process.

  • F. Piccone:  Symphony in D Min
  • A. Amadei: Maritime Suite
  • R. Calace: 2nd Bolero
  • C. Munier: Erosion March
  • D: Berruti: Spring Idyllic
  • A. Angulo:  Suite Mexicana
  • D. Kreidler: Rumba
  • N. Piovani:the Beautiful That Way
  • E. Mezzacapo: Naples
  • Gb Briano: Ancient Suite in the Minor
  • N. Paganini: Serenade for Rovene (quartet Version)
  • Bracco: Elegia
  • Bracco: El Matador
  • Ef from the Ace: Concert in Unison
  • A. Bersano: Drifting
  • Bg Briano:  Andante Mesto
  • A. Bersano: Elia (quartet Version)
  • R. Calace: Vi Mazurka
  • A. Margutti: but if You Think
  • A. Margutti: Violin (quartet Version)
  • P. Taraffo: Prospero
  • P. Taraffo: the Wave
  • R. Calace: Tarantella
  • Bracco: Wordless Romance

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