Oysters XO - Virtual Oyster Shucking

Virtual Oyster Shucking Class

Impress online event guests with this fun, informative and delicious Virtual Oyster Shucking Class
A great way to encourage sustainable living and support local oyster farms, virtual guests also learn a fun and impressive new skill
Guests receive fresh oysters delivered straight to there front door and tasty condiment recipes to pair them with
Perfect for an online corporate celebration, virtual private party or just as a delicious treat for loved ones you're physically distant from
With many corporate and celebrity clients this virtual oyster chef has even taught Neil Patrick Harris how to shuck oysters like a pro!

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1. What can I expect from this workshop?

This is a live-streamed experience hosted over Zoom or an alternative video conferencing platform that typically lasts between 60 - 90 minutes. Our host will welcome guests, discuss the different oysters everyone has received and talk through different flavours. During the workshop he will cover; how to store oysters, simple steps to shucking an oyster, explain different pairings for oysters, talk about the health benefits of oysters and end with a Q&A with event guests. 

This workshop is highly interactive and as not only are guests actively participating in shucking the oysters but, depending on the group size, guests can also either unmute themselves and ask questions or submit them via the chat function within the video conferencing platform.

2. What do guests need to take part?

Prior to the workshop, each guest will be shipped the oysters, 2x shuckers, 1x Dutch Towel and 1x Oyster Bag, other than that they'll just need access to a device to watch the class on and a strong wifi connection. As the host, you will also need access to a video conferencing platform that will allow for your chosen number of guests. 

3. Can this workshop be customised?

Absolutely! Our host can customise the workshop length to best accommodate your event, can focus on particular flavour pairings and can make recommendations for different wine or cocktails pairings too. Our host is always open to new ideas and challenges so if you have an idea of your own just let us know in advance so we can discuss possibilities with the workshop leader.

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