Magician Alsace

Magician Alsace

Accomplished magician, mentalist, hypnotist and balloon sculptor
Performance can be tailored to suit all event types and venues
Brand names and logos can be incorporated into show
Past clients include Prada, HP, Peugeot and Heineken
Based in Alsace, France and available to perform at events worldwide

Magician Alsace VIDEOS

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With a colourful, visual and comic performance that will delight and enchant guests of all ages every time, this modern and dynamic magician based in Alsace can offer a variety of shows and magic styles to suit all private and corporate events.

Close-up magic performances create an intimate, magical atmosphere and will leave a lasting impression on guests as Steven produces champagne bottles out of thin air and makes flames appear at will. The strength of this magic variety is the interaction with the audience, and the subtle blend of visual effects with powerful moments.

Also able to perform astonishing stage magic, watch in amazement as Steven demonstrates powers of levitation, quick change tricks and escapology. His powers of mentalism will also impress, as he reads the minds and influences the free will of volunteers from the audience.

Volunteers are also in for a surprising experience in the hypnosis show, as Steven convinces them they are unable to move from their chair or move their feet from the ground, and creates the illusion of amnesia, making guests temporarily forget their own names.

Full of emotion, mystery and humour, Scarlett Entertainment’s Alsace magician’s performances are guaranteed to wow guests and make your event a roaring success.