Ching-He Huang - Virtual Asian Cooking

Celebrity Virtual Asian Cooking

This author and TV chef offers up to 30 guests the chance to cook along with her as she creates two Asian dishes
Recipes will be sent out ahead of the event in an event live-streamed from the host's kitchen; guests will learn the health benefits of each recipe
Each session which can be hosted over Zoom includes a 15-minute Q&A, offers plenty of interaction between the chef and her guests
Sessions can be tailored to your needs and abilities, with options including vegan, celebration dishes, and sharing platters
Ideal for online themed events, remote team get-togethers, corporate happy hours or as an online educational experience

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Please describe your Virtual Show in detail as per every five minutes of the show 

Join an Emmy-nominated and award-winning TV chef and cookery author for a private cook-along online class. Guests learn how to cook two Asian dishes. She will cook easy, delicious recipes that excite and impress guests when entertaining at home. The cook-along starts with Ching introducing herself and giving some background of her journey into cooking. She will then provide an introduction to the recipes that she will be cooking. She will then start with the first recipe, go through the ingredients, and make sure that everyone is prepared and set for the first recipe. The recipe is then made via a step by step process. Clients can ask questions while cooking, and Ching will talk about the recipes/ingredients, their meaning, health benefits. She will also give cookery tips that she has learnt over her career. The class will culminate in the clients tasting their dishes, feeding back before the course ends to allow them to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Please note that the class cannot be recorded.

Can your show be customised? What is the lead time to create the customisation?

The cook-along can easily be tailored, for example, considering the level of cooking ability, dietary requirements, i.e. vegan, vegetarian and occasion, simple dishes, sharing dishes, celebratory recipes, or dumplings. We would ask for a lead in time of seven days for the customisation. 

Do you offer both pre-recorded and live-streamed shows? If so, how long do you require to create a pre-recorded video?

Our chef can offer both pre-recorded and live-streamed, but if pre-recorded, they can only be watched once (and would be code activated to limit one use). It is half a day set up, including the food preparation, and needs five days' notice to prepare and create the content. The class duration is 1 – 1.5 hours, depending on the level of class. But usually, two dishes, 15 minutes Q & A, plus 15 minutes in case overrun.

Where is your show set up - i.e. do you have a professional studio setup?

The class is broadcast from the host's home kitchen, which is used regularly for TV cooking and online classes and demonstrations. Filming uses a camera from a laptop.

What levels of interaction are there with live audiences? How does this work?

Guests are guided through the cooking process; she will cook, and the audience will cook along with her and ask questions as the dishes are prepared. We find that smaller groups are more intimate and allow more interaction between the chef and the clients. It will be fully interactive.

What platform do you prefer to use for your Virtual Show? What other platforms have you used?

Zoom works well but can be flexible on the group's requirement but has to be a closed platform and only available for the paying clients.

Do you have a technician that helps with the setup of your virtual show?

We have not experienced technical difficulties previously, but our cook's husband is very technical and can assist should he be needed.

How long is your virtual show?

The class depends on the clients' cooking ability and the number of dishes but approximately 1-1.5 hours.

Do guests need anything to be able to participate? 

They will need the ingredients for the recipes, which can be sent in time for them to order in. They will also need a wok, a chopping board and basic cooking utensils. Guests receive a signed copy of our celebrity's chef's latest book and 20 pre-recorded cookery classes to master favourite Asian plant-based dishes.

Is there a minimum and a maximum number of attendees that can take part in the show?

A minimum 10 people and a maximum of 30 people 

Are there any platforms that are not compatible with your act or that you prefer not to work on?

No, but we require it to be a closed group, and we need to know who the team is in advance.

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