Acrobatic Duo Bristol

Acrobatic Duo Bristol

An inspiring hand to hand acro showcase of stealth and strength, our male and female duo will impress guests as they perform incredible acrobatics
Our hand to hand duo offer energising street show entertainment and romantic gala dinner performances
Multiple costumes are available to suite different event themes and company colours and music can be customised to you event requirements
Our talented acro duo have previously performed at Glastonbury Festival and for Circus' such as Many Hands Circus
Based in Bristol they are available to perform street festivals, at corporate events, for residencies and circus themed events in the UK

Acrobatic Duo Bristol VIDEOS

Acrobatic Duo Bristol PHOTOS

  • Cirque Bijou
  • Circus Uncertainty
  • Pokya Entertainment
  • Bregenz Opera
  • Many Hands Circus
  • Glastonbury Festival

" Highly professional and highly skilled hand to hand pair. Would strongly recommend for any event. "

Leo Ward (Many Hands Circus)