Virtual Festive Craft Workshop

Virtual Festive Craft Workshop

Learn how to make fantastic Festive decorations and gorgeous gifts in the comfort of your own home with our Virtual Christmas Crafts Workshop
Hosted by our arts and crafts professional with over 8 years of experience delivering craft workshops featuring a range of fabrics
She can deliver workshops teaching a variety of skills including simple sewing, macrame, arm knitting, bargello and many more!
Encourage creativity and festive fun with this hands-on activity that acts as a wonderful ice-breaker activity!
A fun, interactive and socially-safe way to spread Christmas cheer amongst remote corporate teams, virtual parties and community groups 

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1. How does it work?
Our Virtual Fabric Christmas Craft Workshops are live-streamed over Zoom or an alternative video conferencing platform. The introduction to the workshop gives an overview of what you'll be making and the materials and equipment you'll be using before progressing into the demonstration of how the item is made. Workshops also include additional ideas of what can be made with your new craft skills!

2. How long is each session?
The length of the virtual experience depends on the craft project being demonstrated. Our workshops can last anything from 60 minutes- 3 hours. So please let us know what would be most suitable and we can recommend the most appropriate Christmas crafts for you!

3. How many people can take part?
The minimum number of attendees for our workshops is 1 and the maximum number is 40

4. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?
Again, this totally depends on the craft project you have chosen. For some classes, a materials kit can be sent straight to the attendee's house and for other workshops you can use everyday, household items that most people with have access to. We'll advise this along with the quotation. All workshops will require attendees to have access to a pair of scissors though

5. Is this interactive?
Absolutely! Guests are engaged in making the craft project in real time and can ask questions to the host if they need a little help as they go along.

6. How can this experience be customised?
This is a highly, customisable option. If you have specific colours or materials you would like to include or even a particular item you would like crafted just let us know and our arts and crafts professional can make some bespoke suggestions especially for your event! 

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