Book Air & Water Shows for Outdoor Events

Outdoor entertainment to make an impact at day and night events. Light up the sky with spellbinding air shows or make waves with spectacular stunt shows on water.

Book unforgettable outdoor entertainment to captivate crowds and leave a lasting impression. Witness amazing aerobatics, air stunt shows, aqua displays, dynamic drones, fireworks and more.

Hire Outdoor Shows

Book epic outdoor entertainment for events. Discover astonishing aerial shows, dazzling drone displays, gravity-defying feats, aerial balloon shows, water shows, and so much more! Ideal for large outdoor public events, outdoor entertainment can captivate crowds en masse, bringing people together in a moment of pure collective wonder. 

There is something to suit everyone and all kinds of events; from family events and festivals to public celebrations and sports events. Perfect for families and thrillseekers, aerobatics like aeroplane stunt shows, are a brilliant addition to adrenaline-fuelled days at high-octane festivals and extreme stunt shows. An aquabatics show with water ski stunts and flyboarding will send ripples of excitement through the crowds at seaside festivals and regattas.

Combining pre-programmed choreography and cutting edge technology, a drone show is a spectacular way to tell a story or promote just about anything. We highly recommend booking a drone show to kick-off an international sports event, expo, or mark a special occasion like a national holiday. Drones are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireworks, and just as (or even more) impactful.

Take your event to the next level and leave audiences speechless with epic outdoor entertainment. The sky’s the limit! Let us give your ideas wings by recommending the best air and water entertainment to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is outdoor entertainment?

Outdoor entertainment encompasses all airborne entertainment and water-based entertainment, including aeroplane stunt shows, heliospheres, hot air balloons, drone shows, firework displays and aquatic acts like water ski stunt shows. 

Why book outdoor entertainment?

Outdoor entertainment is perfect for summer festivals, open-air concerts, public events and sports events. If you have plenty of outdoor space to play with, the possibilities are endless! Drone light shows are brilliant for brightening up the sky at evening events. Water ski stunt shows are spectacular for launching new waterside destinations. And aerial structures can double-up as stunning live event installations.

Is outdoor entertainment weather dependent?

It depends on the type of outdoor entertainment. For instance, some drones have a degree of water-resistance and can therefore fly in light rain. And hot air balloons require wind speeds of 4-6mph. Generally speaking, clear skies and light winds are optimal conditions for outdoor entertainment. In adverse weather conditions, certain outdoor shows may need to be rescheduled. We can advise what is best for your outdoor event.

I want to book a drone light show. What do I need to know?

A drone light show is an illuminated, choreographed display, using a group of drones to make different aerial formations. Drones are usually available in groups of 200, 300, 500 or even 1,000.

Drones require the correct permits to fly, and these permits differ from country to country, as does the height at which a drone can fly. Rest assured, we only work with experienced, licenced and insured drone fliers, who can secure the correct permits or provide the necessary guidance. 

Adequate airspace and appropriate launch areas are required to execute a drone show. Exact spatial requirements depend on the number of drones and the location, but at a minimum, a launch area of 25m x 45m and a minimum of 340m x 300m airspace is required. 

The lead time to execute a drone show upon booking confirmation tends to be 8-12 weeks. For an accurate quote and all the information you need, please speak to one of our entertainment experts. 

Can outdoor entertainment be customised?

Absolutely! For instance, drone light shows can make aerial formations resembling words, corporate logos, landscapes, and famous faces. Heliosphere performers can wear custom costumes to suit a theme, and in some cases, the heliosphere can be customised too with branding. We can find ways to customise outdoor entertainment to achieve your event goals.

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