Aerial Silks Act

Aerial Silks Act

Skilled aerial silks performers will leave audiences amazed with their gravity-defying moves and stunning drops.
Perfectly synchronized routines by an aerial silks duo or a solo aerial silk artist
Choreographies are fully customizable, and aerialists can perform to requested music.
Ideal entertainment choice for galas, ceremonies, post-dinner events, concerts, festivals, and more.
This Aerial Silk Act is available for bookings in Germany and internationally.

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Aerial Silks Act PHOTOS

Wow your guests at your next big event or party with this stunning Aerial Silks Act, a spectacle that unfolds a few meters above the ground and will captivate viewers, leaving lasting memories.

This mesmerizing performance is gracefully executed by a skilled acrobatic aerial dancer. Our talented aerial silks artist performs beautiful figures and impossible moves with exquisite elegance, leaving viewers speechless with breathtaking falls. A spectacular display of strength, balance, and coordination, this aerial performance is guaranteed to get people talking for years to come.

This act is also performed by an aerial silks duo. A sophisticated acrobatic couple will perform dramatic aerial routines, demonstrating their on-stage chemistry and excellent coordination. Their perfectly synchronized aerial choreographies are a symphony of emotions that will hypnotize audiences from the very beginning.

Our aerial silks dancer and her partner's routines can be customized. These skilled artists can create bespoke choreographies specifically for your event and perform to requested songs.

Ideal entertainment for a wide range of occasions, this aerial silks act is especially suitable for galas, ceremonies, theaters, after-dinner experiences, etc. Our aerial silk dancer and aerial silks duo are also a great addition to variety shows and larger theater productions, and they can adapt their routines to different performance spaces and situations. For instance, they can perform high above the crowds at festivals and concerts or be the perfect way to entertain guests in art galleries or exhibitions.

Top Tip:

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Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide variety of aerial silks acts for events in Germany and all over the world.

Inquire about this Aerial Silk Act today by contacting our team of Entertainment Experts. They will be happy to provide further details on this aerial silks dancer and her aerial silks duo and guide you through the booking process.