Male Belly Dancer Rotterdam

Male Belly Dancer Rotterdam

Our unique talented professional male belly dancer is sure to attract attention with his traditional dance moves, vibrant costumes and props
Has been seen auditioning on Holland's Got Talent and has multiple costumes available to meet many event themes and client colours
Our male belly dancer has performed over Europe, the USA, and Asia and also offers immersive belly dancing workshops
Previously delighted guests at Desert Rose Festival, IMSDC Dance Festival and Amstel Hotel among many other corporate and private clients
Based in Rotterdam our male belly dancer is sure to create memorable moments at gala dinners, corporate events, themed events and festivals

Male Belly Dancer Rotterdam VIDEOS

Male Belly Dancer Rotterdam PHOTOS

  • Afrika Tage Festival
  • Amstel Hotel
  • Burgundy and Turquise, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Desert Rose Festival
  • Dunya Festiva
  • IMSDC dance Festival

" "Best male bellydance of the world" "

Afrika Tage Festival

" "Waanzinnige goede optreden" (Insanely good performance) "We love how he connects with the audience" "

Pllek Amsterdam, The Netherlands