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Entertainment and Events in Sydney

Australia’s cool and confident capital city is a global destination for corporate conferences, incentive trips, corporate retreats and of course, surfers and sunseekers. Sydney boasts state-of-the-art venues and world-class entertainment; take the Sydney Opera House for example, one of the world’s most famous multi-purpose performance venues. Plus it’s easy to get to and get around, with excellent international and internal transport links making Sydney an ideal location for national and international events.

It’s easy to seek thrills in Sydney; the city offers a vibrant nightlife, festivals, alternative music venues and Bondi Beach, a word-famous surfer’s paradise and celebrity haunt. Our local entertainment is just as eclectic and exciting, with cabaret acts such as singers, musicians and drag queens taking centre stage at after-dinner shows, while towering stilt walkers in quirky costumes take to the streets to entertain at public events.

The Tap Pack
Featured Act

Tap dancing Rat Pack

Enjoy toe-tapping tap dancing, hip-swinging jazz music and witty comedy, inspired by a bygone era. Tap Pack are an Australian all-male troupe with uncontainable energy, slick dance routines and a sophisticated sense of style.

These professional stage performers have dazzled alongside music icons including Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue, to name a few!

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