Nail Print Artist

Nail Print Artist

Nail print artist creates unique and quirky printed nails for those looking for a truly luxurious experience
Only a brief prep process followed by completely customized nails for any occasion
Selfies, logos, art prints, and designs are all available as nail art with the amazing service of our talented nail print artists.
Pop-up nail salon that is a fantastic addition to private parties, corporate events, beauty brands, and any occasion that calls for stunning manicures.
Based in Manhattan, New York and available for bookings worldwide

Nail Print Artist PHOTOS

A pop-up nail salon to remember. This Nail Art Specialist specializes in transforming logos, selfies, and art prints into personalized luxury nails.

This nail printing service is an absolute blast. No need to wait all day for your funky manicure, this nail art takes minutes to prepare and create, and works brilliantly on both natural and gel nails.

Perfect for events that want to exude a luxurious atmosphere. This is an interactive nail art experience that your guests will want to share!

The experience can be personalized by adding selfies, favorite brands, and logos to guests' nails. It’s a brand new interactive way to advertise happy occasions and feel-good products.

Just imagine this interactive pop-up nail salon at product launches, corporate functions, and even makeup counters. Clients will be able to advertise and share new products via guest's nails. This fantastic nail art specialist will create a real talking point at your event.

The picture-perfect replication this nail art specialist offers is also suitable for gallery, museum, and exhibition openings. Guests can apply prints of their favorite artwork to their nails and take it away with them. The perfect memento for an art event; turning nail art into high art!

Or commemorate the special day by creating personalized nail art out of an initial monogram or an engagement photo for the bride to wear. Or perhaps have the pop-up nail salon at the reception so guests can create nail art out of selfies with the happy couple or even your wedding photos.

Ideal for fresh-faced guests and bloggers who will want to snap, post, and share these fantastic nail prints. This pop-up nail salon is sure to make a buzz at any event.

To book this sensational Nail Art Specialist to take your event to the next level, get in touch with our specialist team who will walk you through the booking process.

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