Virtual Modern Calligraphy

Virtual Modern Calligraphy

Produce personal calligraphy prints to decorate your home or office space or gift a print to someone special with our experienced Calligrapher
Experienced calligraphy team has hosted thousands of calligraphy events for leading brands including Jo Malone, BMW and Molton Brown
Virtual classes accommodate all abilities and explore various techniques including pointed nib, watercolour and brush pen calligraphy
With easy-to-follow templates, children can turn their hand to calligraphy too so this online activity can be enjoyed by all the family
The virtual class is hosted via video-sharing platforms such as Zoom but our calligrapher can also host workshops in-person, across the UK

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Virtual FAQs

1. What can I expect from Virtual Modern Calligraphy?

A fun and informative yet relaxing online workshop! A charming and charismatic host will guide participants as they produce decorative hand-written lettering using brush pens and water-based ink. Participants will discover how to apply pressure to achieve perfect strokes as they write the complete alphabet and connect letters.

2. How does it work? What is the set-up?

Clients are asked to send invitations to guests with access details for their chosen video conferencing platform in advance. Once guests have joined the video call, let's say on Zoom, our wonderful host will introduce themselves and outline what the workshop will entail before they begin.

Our host is on hand to guide guests, answer any questions and encourage guests as they practice the art of calligraphy. This is a live experience streamed using professional audiovisual equipment including two cameras to provide a birds-eye view and a frontal view. Our host is accompanied by a technician behind the scenes, who is there to support guests.

3. What do guests need in order to take part?

Beautifully presented calligraphy kits containing everything guests need in order to take part will be posted in advance. Kits contain worksheets with templates, nibs and ink.

4. Can the online calligraphy class be tailored to different themes? 

Absolutely! Our Virtual Festive Calligraphy workshop is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays but our calligraphy instructors can also tailor the content to suit other themes and occasions including Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

5. What are the benefits of a virtual calligraphy workshop?

Calligraphy is an engaging yet calming activity; perfect for practising mindfulness! The skills learned in this workshop can be drawn upon long after the online session has finished and guests can continue to practice the art in their own time.

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