Big Fat Quiz of 2021

Big Fat Quiz of 2021

In this virtual game, guests will be tested on important events, movies, music, TV shows, and news stories from throughout 2021.
Playing in teams or individually, guests will compete for the title of "2021 Champion."
This isn't your typical virtual quiz, guests will have to use their general knowledge, smarts, and intuition to reach the top spot.
Hosted by our expert quizmaster and featuring themed rounds, the game is filled with excitement and comedic moments.
A fantastic way to bring teams together and connect remotely while having a blast!

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1. How does it work?

This virtual event is hosted on Zoom by our quizmaster, who will be there to welcome teams and players to the event and clearly direct them through how to play.

Guests will submit their answers through our virtual quiz platform using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. This game is based within a browser and no download is required.

Guests will answer all questions digitally, either individually or in teams within their breakout rooms. Quiz rounds are dynamic and include music, video, and picture rounds.

2. How long is each session?

Each virtual quiz is 60 minutes, sessions can be made longer or shorter in duration upon request.

3. Do guests need anything to be able to participate?

Guests will need a strong internet connection and a device to join the Zoom event. Answers will be submitted digitally, so we would also suggest having a smartphone or tablet for the session.

4. Is this customizable?

We customize the name and design of the quiz to feature your company logo and message. We can also offer custom quiz rounds based on a topic of your choosing, giving you the opportunity to quiz your team on company events, new products, or updates throughout 2021.

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