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Acrobatic Fire Act

Stunning combination of ground and aerial acrobatics with incredible fire elements
Aerialists execute both aerial and ground routines with different elements like silks and hoops
Fire dancers perform a captivating acrobatic fire dance with different props and pyrotechnics
This dancing with fire act adds a stunning visual element to street celebrations, outdoor events, festivals, etc.
This Acrobatic Fire Act is available for bookings in Ibiza and all over the world

A stunning fusion of acrobatics with fire dance, this show has all the ingredients to astound audiences of all kinds. Performed by a group of acrobats and fire dancers, this Acrobatic Fire Act is guaranteed to be the highlight of your event and get people talking for years to come.

Acrobats and fire dancers join forces to bring a dancing with fire act that goes beyond what is merely impressive. A combination of captivating aerial routines, ground acrobatics and fire elements, this fire act adds incredible elements from different circus disciplines resulting in an astonishing arobatic fire dance.

Skilled aerialists carry out a beautifully choreographed aerial silk act twisting and turning through the air and performing breathtaking falls. Our aerial dancers also execute an aerial hoop performance with exquisite elegance, showcasing their flawless technique and prodigious talent.

Our energetic fire dancers will give an eye-catching final touch when they step onto the stage and perform an incredible acrobatic fire dance. A breathtaking display of acrobatics with fire dance and pyrotechnics, this enlightening act is like anything you have ever seen before!

Suitable for a wide range of occasions, this dancing with fire spectacle has marveled spectators at numerous street celebrations, outdoor events and festivals. Our acrobats and fire dancers can also perform their spectacular routines indoors, as they are happy to adapt them to different performance spaces. Whatever the occasion, this Acrobatic Fire Act adds a stunning visual element to any celebration.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a variety of dancing with fire acts for events in Spain and all over the world.

To book this Acrobatic Fire Act, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and make an enquiry. Our in-house team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to provide further details on these acrobats and fire dancers and guide you through the booking process.