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AV Event Provider

Audio visual provider offering a 360 degree, full service technical solution for your special event.
Our exclusive AV company specialise in providing the latest technological solutions in sound production, scenics, video & lighting.
Customised event solution, perfect for your corporate event, award ceremony, presentation or private party.
Audio visual production hire, accustomed to working with and supplying solutions for international clients.
Our professional AV Event Supplier will bring creativity and innovation to your corporate entertainment.

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Our exclusive audio visual provider specialise in the latest technological structures in sound production, scenics, video and lighting, bringing the perfect customised event solution to your corporate entertainment. A professional AV company, offering the very best in the audio visual production hire, for events all over the world. 

Ensure your corporate entertainment stands apart - An audio visual provider, offering a 360 degree, full service technical solution for your special occasion, ideal customised event solution for an award ceremony, presentation, corporate event or private party.

Our experienced audio visual provider is a professional AV company accustomed to working with and supplying solutions for international clients, bringing creativity and innovation to your corporate entertainment. Audio visual production hire of the highest quality, designed offering a full service within audio visual systems, inclusive of everything from sound production to lighting, video and custom screens. 

Our AV event provider has a clear objective to fulfil the customised brief of the client, beyond expectations. Our mission always being to supply clients with the very best equipment rental in professional lighting and audio visual systems for personalised events. Always striving for excellence in each service offered through our high end audio visual solutions, systems integration and technical direction of each challenge that we are involved in.

Our equipment and team are always one step ahead, bringing a new way to create audiovisual projects, making it possible to design and sell your unique ideas! 

Our expert team will quickly and efficiently resolve all specific needs that may come up in any event production so that we can always get the best results - defining and managing precise actions to reach our objectives, always working along side your specific brief. 

AV Event Provider offers the following services within audio visual systems
Sound Production
Custom Screens

We also offer the following Specialties:

Multi-Screen Systems - Blending projections and mapping. Managing multiple displays which can be projections, LED or video walls with different synchronised contents. 
Content Control - All content production with our clients is supervised, whether it be in-house or external. We make sure we have the correct format, that the resolution is the best and that the codecs don’t give any problems at the time of execution. 
Interactive - We work with every type of interaction from the simplest tactile screens to Kinect and Leap motion solutions. We have tactile solutions for large surfaces in Plasmawall, LED or even projections. 

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