Qibu Culture - Ballet On Shoulder

Ballet Duo Balancing Act

Incredible balancing act will leave audiences stunned and amazed
Graceful ballet duo performs a beautiful mix of balances and gorgeous dance
Stunning and dramatic aerial acrobatics will have audiences on the edge
Incredible circus act like no other as our ballet dancer performs shapes and poses balanced on her partner’s shoulder
Incredible balancing duo available for cabaret, parties and events worldwide

Book this unique and spellbinding balancing act and treat your guests to a performance that’s both graceful and jaw-dropping. This incredible ballet duo will have audiences captivated for their entire performance as they perform a dazzling array of dance and acrobatic balancing acts. This amazing and daring feat of aerial acrobatics sees the duo perform the most breath taking lifts and balances your guests will have ever seen. For the ultimate show stopping spectacle from this incredible balancing duo our graceful girl will perform exquisite ballet dance moves and poses while balanced on her partner’s shoulder! For an eye popping circus act that will entertain and amaze like no other look no further than this incredible duo!

Our beautiful ballet duo makes the perfect after dinner entertainment at sophisticated parties or high end cabaret events. Their exquisite routine combines poignant ballet dance with stunning aerial acrobatics for an impactful and captivating performance. This balancing duo perform incredible balancing acts as our daring dancer balances on a single hand or foot atop her partner’s shoulder or even on his head! The eye-popping shapes and dazzling positions this balancing duo creates will have audiences on the edge of their seat. This unique performance of aerial acrobatics promises to provide a spectacle like nothing else as incredible poses and beautiful shapes are formed by our talented dancer whilst balanced on the shoulder of her partner! This daring and visually stunning balancing act will win the hearts of the entire audience. For a thrilling and unique act to steal the show at your even book our magical circus act for an unforgettable performance.

Scarlett Entertainment offers you a dazzling range of circus acts to thrill and amaze your audience. Contact our tem to book one of our incredible acts for your party, event or cabaret show.


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