Ballet Ensemble

Ballet Ensemble

Fabulous ballet ensemble comprised of young professional dancers
Can perform with a live musical accompaniment playing a range of genres
Available to book as a dance stage show or a surprise dance act
Perfect for performing arts festivals, corporate events, weddings & more
Based in Italy and available to book to perform at events worldwide

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Our fantastic ballet ensemble comprised of young professional dancers offers a range of versatile dance entertainment options, ranging from a full ballet stage show complete with a lead actress, to a theatrical performance with a dance band or acoustic duo, to flash mobs and surprise dancers at events.

Our ballet dancers are able to create custom choreographed routines to suit a wide range of live musical accompaniments from classical music, to jazz, hip hop, soul, pop rock, songs from musicals and contemporary hits. Their dances can be used to bring to life a company’s story at a corporate event or product launch, a business motto at a conference, or be used to embellish installations and exhibitions.

All classically trained dancers able to perform a whole range of dance styles in addition to ballet, including Latin and hip hop, our versatile group of dancers can cater to your every entertainment need! If you’re looking for flashmob dancers or surprise dancers, this dance group are more than happy to put together a unique performance where they act as undercover waiters at your event and then astound and delight guests when they burst into an explosive dance show.

Having perform at numerous festivals and private events and in prestigious theatres and venues across Europe, book our versatile ballet ensemble and wow guests at your event.

Top Tip

Have questions about the number of dancers available and size of the live musical accompaniment? Talk to our entertainment coordinators to find out more!

If you wish to find out more and discuss all of the best available options for you, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our colleagues who will be happy to assist you with the choice that suits you.

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