Julien Losa

Bilingual Comedy Magician

Imaginative magic show that'll easily amaze guests of all ages
Delightful close up magic performer provides a variety of tricks and mind reading illusions
Unforgettable magician showcasing years of experience in an act that can be performed in French, English or completely mute
Wonderful magic entertainment for private parties, corporate functions, themed events, etc
Outstanding comedian available for booking throughout Brazil and worldwide

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Specialising in mentalism, our Bilingual Comedy Magician brings an air of mystery to every performance. Providing magic entertainment for a whole host of event types, clients can hire a brain bending magic show, amazing close up magic or even bespoke readings to add a personalised touch to the proceedings. With many years of experience, performing everywhere from the world’s top cruise liners to France’s Grevin Museum, this well travelled magic artist loves to use his creative expertise to devise totally new magic and mind-reading shows that will take your guests on spine tingling tours into their own inner psyches. 

Incorporating a good dose of humour into his vibrant magic shows, our mind reading magician is as much a stand up comedian as he is a breathtaking mentalist. Adapting his magic entertainment to suit the audience he is performing to, acts can be as family friendly or adult rated as required. Providing stage shows of 40 minutes in length, our mind reader can cater to many international audiences, entertaining in French, English and German or even performing a totally mute act.  

Magic Entertainment Available

  • Magic Show: Taking on the classics of magic and mentalism, this performer prides himself on his out of the box approach to magic performing. Each show incorporates lots of audience participation and tricks that will leave guests’ mouths open wide.
  • Close Up Magic: Performing at wedding receptions or corporate trade shows, close up magic allows our mind reader to amaze small groups of guests at a time. Demonstrating mentalism and sleight of hand, no one will be able to work out how he does it!
  • Bespoke Magic: Perfect for corporate clients, our magic expert can provide an evening of esoteric mysteries, walking amongst guests and wowing them with readings and tricks tailored to your company or event.
  • Tutorials: Able to offer technical readings and tutorials about mind reading or simply how people communicate, this act is perfect for team building days and conferences.

Having worked with many high profile clients including LinkedIn, Nissan and Carnival Cruise Lines, our comedy mind reader is hugely popular with a wide range of corporate and private clients. The perfect combination of wow factor and funny, this magician is regularly booked to perform at galas, conferences, theatres, wedding receptions and more. Eccentric yet always professional, Bilingual Comedy Magician is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

For more information about booking this act for your event, get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

  • Carnival Cruise Lines
  • BESTAgency (Las Vegas)
  • Audi
  • Cruise France (France)
  • House of Magic (France)
  • Leader Sports Europe
  • Edilson Show Paris
  • The Challenge Rock Cafe (Brasil)
  • Tony Parker (basketball superstar player)
  • LinkedIn
  • Grevin Museum (France)
  • Bouygues
  • Classic International Cruises (Portugal)
  • Art Factory (International Agency)
  • Comédie Saint Michel (french theater)
  • D-Led (Brasil)
  • and many more
  • Yacht Club (St Barth)

" That was disturbing AND entertaining at the time! "

Here C-Nancy (French news)

" Many thanks for performing for us tonight! My guests really loved your show and personality! How did you know the word my friend Teddy [Riner] Was thinking of ??! "

Tony Parker (basketball player)

" Man! You rocked the stage! You were amazing AND funny "

Omar Sy (french actor)

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