Skola Breaku

Break Dance School

Vibrant hip hop dance crew strives to create inspirational performances
Break dancers range in age, from 8 years old & upwards to adult league
Offer exciting performances as well as workshops & lessons
Perfect for corporate functions, festivals, private parties & much more
Based in Slovakia & available to perform at events worldwide

Break Dance School VIDEOS

Break Dance School PHOTOS

This exciting professional break dance crew strive to create inspirational performances that will appeal to audiences of all ages!

A vibrant break and hip hop dance school founded by two incredibly talented professional break dancers and lecturers with numerous accolades to their names and hundreds of performances at private events and international competitions under their belts, they offer quality dancers who have received expert tutelage. Showcasing highly skilled choreographies with explosive dance moves their performances will really wow audiences.

They can create bespoke shows to suit all kinds of events, whether you’re looking for a fully choreographed stage show of length at a festival, corporate function or product launch, or a short high-energy demonstration at an exhibition. Able to offer any number of dancers, incorporate branding, themed costumes and much more they provide fully customisable entertainment that will ensure your event stands out from the crowd!