Blitz - Ballroom Bubblgirl

Bubble Girl Act

Unique, eye-catching entertainment that will captivate guests
A great alternative to standard dancers & walkabout entertainment
Available in a range of themes inc. red carpet, Christmas & ballroom
Ideal for shopping malls, themes events, corporate functions, clubs…
Based in Holland & available to perform at events worldwide

Bubble Girl Act PHOTOS

If you’re looking for something a little bit different; eye-catching walkabout entertainment that will captivate guests from the moment they walk into you event, our elegant bubble girls are just what you have been waiting for! 

Housed in a translucent sphere these professional dancers execute a stunning routine that can be performed in amongst your guests as well as on stage with additional dancers. A vast array of costumes are on offer catering to a range of themes including red carpet, Christmas and ballroom, with confetti and glitter adding a beautiful visual element as it falls around the dancer. 

These bubble dancers can also execute a stunning ballerina routine with an additional dancer perfectly mirroring the movements of the dancer inside the sphere. 

Adding elegance and sophistication to any setting these spheres are perfect for shopping centres, corporate functions, clubs, private parties, themed events and festivals.