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Chandelier Contortionist

Glamorous chandelier contortionist provides elegant entertainment that is remarkable and stunning to behold
Female acrobat and gymnast adds sophistication and luxury to every event
A unique and beautiful take on contortionist acts
Previous clients include; Warner Bros, Pandora, London Transport, Zee&Co
Based in Maidstone, UK and available for worldwide bookings

Chandelier Contortionist PHOTOS

Mesmerise your guests with elegant chandelier contortionist as our female acrobat and gymnast fuses contortion with luxury. A hit with all audiences that is both remarkable and beautiful to behold provides elegant entertainment and breath taking routines.

A stunning focal point and feature that is guaranteed to WOW guests not only adds a new dynamic to your venue but is captivating and exciting. As the chandelier shines beautifully through the table it lights up our incredible female acrobat who performs her contortionist act on top.

Not only does the chandelier emit stunning light displays but it creates mesmerising patterns of colour as the contortionist bends and twists on top providing an exciting display of dexterity for all to see. 

Our chandelier contortionist has wowed audiences for past clients that include; Warner Bros, Pandora, London Transport, Zee&Co and many more!

Perfect for diamond themed events, private parties, corporate events, gala dinners and any occasion that requires elegant entertainment to shine brightly at their event.

A unique act that challenges the traditional conventions of contortion is not only a high end act but is a stunning feature that is guaranteed to get your guests talking and stun every person in the room. In addition to this our chandelier contortionist’s lights can be programmed to music and adapted to fulfil themes or branding, creating a totally bespoke performance for each and every client.

To book our dazzling female acrobat for elegant entertainment contact our Entertainment Specialists today!

  • Warner Bros
  • London Transport
  • Zee&Co
  • Pandora