DDC Break Dancing Crew - Classical

Classical Breakdance Show

Skilled break dancers perform a variety of fast paced and elegant routines
Remarkable dance show featuring orchestrated renditions of hit songs including "Let It Go."
Sensational dance group offer a variety of performance options including a Mozart themed routine
Talented urban dancers perfect for private events, theatre performances and more
Book break dancing experts for events throughout Germany

Classical Breakdance Show VIDEOS

Classical Breakdance Show PHOTOS

Book our eccentric and skilled break dancing dance group, a phenomenal ensemble of urban dancers that will deliver a dynamic and remarkable dance show experience featuring fast paced routines and classical orchestrated music. A unique group of break dancers that combine the art of modern dancing and classical music, guests are bound to fall head over heels for our experienced performers. Infusing acrobatics and rhythm, our break dancers will leave your guests breathless as they speed across your venue in a flurry of action packed dance moves

Filled to the brim with contemporary power, our phenomenal break dancers have performed in over 20 cities, creating a phenomenal atmosphere along the way. Featuring a variety of different musical options, our memorable dance show will feature an electric performance that is tuned to the hit Frozen song, "Let It Go," as well as a themed routine that features a fun filled mixture of Mozart and other classical musicians. This is a breath taking break dancing experience that will leave your guests with unforgettable memories.

Showcasing head spins, windmills, and more! Our fantastic Mozart rendition can also feature an original live musical performance that will compliment their fast paced styles. Bound to compliment your special event or social gathering, our fantastic dance show experience is the perfect entertainment option for private events, theatre performances, gala dinners, TV appearances, variety festivals, family days, and a lot more. Proving to be hilarious comedians alongside brilliant break dancers, our phenomenal urban dancers will captivate guests from start to finish.

If you are interested in booking our remarkable break dancers and phenomenal dance show experience, contact any of our amazing Scarlett Entertainment team of experts, as they are standing by to assist you with your booking needs.