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Comedic Waiter

Comedy waiter guarantees a night of hilarious & unique entertainment
Fun antics inc. falling over, spilling drinks & bemusing guests
Blends into your event & guests will be oblivious until the fun beings
Perfect for corporate functions, weddings & special celebrations
Based in the UK & available to hire for events worldwide

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If you’re looking for a night of hilarious and unique entertainment, this fun-loving comedic waiter is just what you’ve been waiting for! 

A professional actor with over 20 years of experience brings this outrageous comic character to life. Having studied acting, ballet, jazz, tap dancing and singing at the Itali Conti Stage School he is a talented all-round performer and has appeared in 5 musicals in the West End, performed at the Laurence Olivier Awards and on Top of The Pops. 

At the beginning of the night he appears to be just a normal waiter - just like all the ‘real’ waiters at your event - that is until he starts to bemuse guests with quirky comments and funny antics! Guests will be at first concerned then in fits of laughter as they realise that this professional comedy waiter from London is there for their entertainment! 

His fun antics include falling over, serving drinks with a shaky hand, getting up on stage and making a speech, singing, dancing and falling into the cake head first! As your event progresses his talents as an entertainer shine through and his witty comedic sketches ensures laughter and smiles all around - he’ll also ask guests to take part in some of his dance routines. 

Hire our undercover waiter and he can tailor his performance to suit your specific event and individual needs, whether you’re looking to entertain the family at a private function or break the ice at a corporate function. 

Top Tip

Looking to add a bit of pizzazz to his grand finale? Why not book some fabulous dancers or a band to accompany his dance routine and lead your guests into the rest of the evening. Talk to one of our entertainment coordinators to discuss the options available. 


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