Comedy Cleaners - Royal Footmen

Comedy Cleaners

Hilarious meet and greet characters are certain to amuse at your event
Walkabout act featuring two incompetent cleaners
Performers are skilled in mime, improv and physical comedy
Ideal for themed events, corporate functions, festivals & more
Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

Comedy Cleaners PHOTOS

Our brilliant comedy cleaners are sure to be a hit at your event with their fantastic routines and slapstick humour. Skilled in the art of mime and improvisation, this pair will also delight crowds with their magic tricks and verbal wit.

These two desperately need to clean their act up, causing mayhem and making a huge mess wherever they go, despite their best efforts to do the opposite! Dressed in blue overalls and equipped with brooms, feather dusters and cleaning cloths, this comedy duo are certain to entertain guests at your event.

Absurd and amusing, our comedy cleaners can also perform as a stage show as well as walkabout performers.