Ricardo Rapaz - Comic False Waiter

Comedy False Waiter

A unique performance, where simplicity is the real charm
Comedy waiting act whose behaviour provides hilarious entertainment
Surprises guests with his clumsiness and total improvisation
All jokes and situations can be adapted and customised to each event
Based in Lisbon and available to perform at events worldwide

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Here is a truly unique performance, whose simplicity of this is its real charm. This Comedy False Waiter, Oscar Ventura will present himself as a mere functionary expert, selected by the catering company in question. However, his presence will be completely unforgettable!

Oscar’s clumsy behaviour, goofiness, inevitable deafness and looking somewhat haggard, provide hilarious moments and total improvisation. He leaves guests confused until they realise that he is the unexpected and unusual entertainment for the evening.

All of Oscar’s jokes and his funny situations can be adapted and customised to meet your event and needs. He will provide an unforgettable evening of entertainment and jokes for all of your guests, as they witness a host of amusing and unusual capers, interacting more and more as the night goes on.