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Comedy Themed Puppet Show

Hilarious comedy puppet show will have audiences utterly enthralled
A range of characters and themed puppets are available to suit all occasions
Puppet performances can be tailored to meet your entertainment needs
Perfect for festivals, family days and children’s parties
Book our comedy puppet show for events in China and worldwide

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If you’re looking for an unforgettable comedy character show look no further than our puppet theatre! Not just puppetry for kids, this puppet show is ideal as both children’s entertainment and for adults as well with plenty of customisable options available.

Brought to life by a talented, professional entertainer this original puppet theatre show includes a whole range of characters that can perform individually or in one large puppet show. Featuring larger-than-life costumes, elaborate characterisations, and plenty of music and songs this comedy character show will capture the imaginations of audiences young and old and have them in fits of laughter throughout.

The range of puppet shows on offer include:

Latin Band
In this fantastic puppet theatre show six musicians will appear on stage but all operated by one fantastic performer - can you guess which one? As they proceed to play a fabulous array of Latin American music songs they will have everyone dancing and singing along in no time at all.

This is puppetry for kids at its best! In this original puppet show five lively birds flap their way onto the stage and nestle themselves in a thicket of foliage before embarking on a fun sing-along packed full with everyone’s favourite party classics and more modern hip hop songs. This comedy character show is particularly popular as children’s entertainment for birthday parties and family events.

Ukrainian Folk Dancers
In this unique puppet show a Ukrainian couple carrying a hog dance their way on to the stage performing incredible acrobatics as they go! Audiences will be left laughing and baffled at to which one is controlling this foray.

Able to tailor our act’s entertainment packages to suit your specific needs and requirements, we are able to ensure that your event entertainment perfectly fits your event. If this act has inspired you, get in contact with our expert entertainment coordinators to discuss how it could work at your event. With plenty of customisable options available, there is no limit to the possibilities available for your event.

Contact one of our Entertainment Team who will be able to assist you in booking this or any other act on our global roster.

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